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    Basic Rules of The Fourm

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    Basic Rules of The Fourm

    Post by Trovial on Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:57 am

    1.NeonCoin is our main currency the main price changes every time a coin is made.
    2.Try to be respectful to other people on the fourms.
    3.Keep things in order don't post NSFW pictures in General gallery. (Will result in a ban we have catagories for a reason people)
    4. This fourm is slightly vulgar make sure you know that before joining!
    5. Staff can punish you in the way they want it's their choice. (I.E I do something wrong I get banned by Trovial but with Will I only get warned.)
    6. Respect staff like said above they can do anything to you if the offense was pretty major.
    7. NeonPoints are a way to let people know you are very active. (The More you post, comment, friend, and participate in things the more points you get.)
    8. You can +Rep someone and -Rep someone by clicking the plus or subtraction symbols near their post/comment.
    9. Speaking of Repping NO REVENGE REPPING AND OR REP ATTACKS Negative repping for no reason will result in punishment.
    10. As NeonCoins is our main currency we also allow you to use USD and Etherium to purchase ranks and or items.
    11. You can post ads for your products and or services for NeonCoins and USD make sure to have NeonCoins as an option in your ad.

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